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Anrechenbarkeit der Kurse im Bereich Multimediales Fremdsprachenlernen:

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Die neuen Sprachangebote und Kurse für das Sommersemester 2018:

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English and Media:

Administrative English I

Dienstag 7:30-8:30 (Charlotte Haskins)

This course covers a variety of different skills for those wishing to improve their English in an administrative setting. Administrative vocabulary is collected and discussed, email writing is practised, as well as telephoning skills and conversations with students and visitors.


Administrative English II:

Dienstag 16:00-17:00 (Charlotte Haskins)

This course concentrates on the structures of English grammar and vocabulary used in the administrative work place.  As with the Administrative English I. there is a strong focus on speaking skills and building the confidence to use English at work. You may join this class even if you didn't attend Administrative English I., as they are based on the same language level.


Conversational English

Montag 12:15-13:45 (Charlotte Haskins)

This is a course especially designed to boost conversational English skills. A wide range of activities will encourage participants to communicate with each other in different ways, hence learning new and using already known vocabulary, practising grammar structures and helping to develop confidence.


Developing English Language Skills

Donnerstag 14:15-15:45 (Charlotte Haskins)

This course is designed to help English students develop their language skills in  speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing and grammar. The seminar combines traditional instructor support with personal language advising and the development of a self-learning program to address individual needs. Periodic assessment serves to monitor progress and modify the self-learning portfolio.


English for Academic Purposes (with TOEFL-ITP preparation)

Mittwoch 10:15-11:45 (Dr. Robin Lohmann)

This course is open for anyone interested in improving their academic. English.Students will learn strategies for expanding their academic vocabulary, for following academic lectures and understanding and evaluating academic texts. Further, participants will receive support and practice in giving an academic presentation in English. The course also serves as preparation for the TOEFL-ITP assessment test which will be offered for those interested at the end of the course.       


Flipping the Classroom

Montag 10:15-11:45 (Jeremy Bearden)

What does it mean to flip a classroom? Have you ever heard of this phrase? In this course you will learn about the method behind the phrase and how it is being used in the United States. You will also learn how to use this method in your classroom through the use of digital media and film. You will produce materials that can later be used with your future students. As your instructor, I will assist you every step of the way, so don't worry if you aren't familiar with digital media.


Subject Specific English: Social Sciences and Psychology

Mittwoch 8:15- 9:45 (Dr. Robin Lohmann)

This course is specifically designed for students of the social sciences and psychology. Based on particular area of interest, texts and lectures will be selected to develop subject-specific vocabulary, scientific text and oral comprehension, and skills of critical analysis. Students will learn how to write an abstract in English and receive support and practice in giving an academic presentation on a subject of personal interest.


Other Languages:

Introduction to Afrikaans

Montag 14:15-15:45 (Zanden Janse Van Rensburg)

This course will introduce a small group of students to the culture and language of Africans. The instructor is a native speaker and visiting lecturer at the PH. 


Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Dienstag 10:15-11:45 (Margaret Xuli)

“Chinese Language and Culture” introduces general and basic knowledge and corresponding culture about Chinese Mandarin, hoping to help learners unveil the sense of mystery towards China, a long history& culture, eastern country. Based on this course, learners can further study Chinese language or culture in order to develop themselves the ability to communicate with Chinese-speaking people and understand Chinese thoughts and culture.

The teaching language is mainly English, with taught Chinese.


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