Elizabeth Erling

Interim Prof. Elizabeth Erling, PhD, MSc, BA

Zu meiner Person

I have a long-spanning, international career in applied linguistics and English language teaching. Originally from the US, I have taught English and been involved in teacher education in Austria, Germany, Korea and the UK, and worked on large-scale, award winning international education projects in Bangladesh, Ghana and India. I studied English and German at the BA-level at Georgia State University in Atlanta and have a MSc and PhD in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. I worked at the Freie Universität Berlin as a Wissenschafliche Mitarbeiter from 1999-2008, The Open University, UK as a Senior Lecturer in ELT and International Teacher Education from 2008-2016, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz as Professor of ELT Research and Methodology from 2017-2020 and the University of Vienna, where I still teach.

Forschungsgebiete und Interessen

All of my research and teaching projects focus on enhancing equitable quality in English language education, particularly with regard to enhancing access for multilingual learners from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. It seeks answers to complex questions about the role of English and English language education in the wider education policies and practices of multilingual societies, and to find holistic solutions that improve practice. Most recently, I have been investigating the disparities in the English language learning outcomes of middle school students in Austria, particularly for learners from families with low socioeconomic status and who speak other languages than German at home. This research is featured in the following blog post, video abstract and open-access article:


Erling, E.J., Radinger, S. and Foltz, A. (2020) Understanding low outcomes in English language education in Austrian middle schools: the role of teachers’ beliefs and practices. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. And watch the video abstract!

Having been involved in English langauge teaching and teacher education in a number of developing country contexts, I have recently edited the first volume from a major international publisher about multilingual education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The volume investigates the particular benefits of multilingual education and language-supportive pedagogy for learners who have emergent competence in the language of education. It describes how multilingual education strategies have been developed and implemented within a range of Sub-Saharan school contexts to support the learning of content and language.

Erling, E.J. et al. (Eds) (2021) Multilingual Learning and Language Supportive Pedagogies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Routledge.

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