Neue Forschungsergebnisse

Understanding inequity in English language education: Why is there a gap in performance in the two types of Lower Secondary Schooling in Austria?

Our new colleague, Elizabeth Erling, Interim Professor of English Linguistics and Language Teaching, has recently had some of her research with former University of Graz colleagues -- Anouschka Foltz and Melanie Wiener – published. You can read the newly published article in the International Journal of Multilingualism here

Differences in English teachers’ beliefs and practices and inequity in Austrian English language education: could plurilingual pedagogies help close the gap? This research was also covered in the Austrian media here:  Studie: Viele Englischlehrer unterschätzen Schüler.

Erling’s research explores why in Austria bilingual children with home languages other than German tend to have poorer English outcomes than monolingual children, especially those who attend middle schools. This work asks the question: why is bilingualism not a benefit for learning English as a foreign language in the Austrian school system?

What do you think, would we find similar outcomes if the research were conducted in Germany?

Read more about Erling’s research here:

Erling, E.J., Radinger, S. and Foltz, A. (2020) Understanding low outcomes in English language education in Austrian middle schools: the role of teachers’ beliefs and practices. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. You can also watch the video abstract and read a blog piece about it: MEHRSPRACHIGKEIT – DAS STIEFKIND AN ÖSTERREICHS SCHULEN