Ateliergespräch: Jun. Prof. Dr. Alexander Skulmowski: Cognitive Load in Digital Learning

Mittwoch 07 Jul21
18:15 Uhr - 19:45 Uhr
Institut für bildungswissenschaftliche Forschungsmethoden


Mit den Ateliergesprächen möchte das Institut für Bildungswissenschaftliche Forschungsmethoden einen statusübergreifenden und interdisziplinären Raum für  die Präsentation und Diskussion von Forschungsprojekten geben. 

Am 7.7.2021 stallt Jun. Dr. Alexander Skulmowski das Thema "Cognitive Load in Digital Learning" vor.

Der Termin findet auf Englisch statt.


Cognitive load is an important aspect to consider when designing instructional materials. Cognitive load theory assumes that there is an intrinsic load generated by the content to be learned and an extraneous load resulting from the design of materials. The theory recommends to reduce extraneous load to let learners focus on the actual learning content without being distracted. In two research areas of digital learning, this approach has only been partially supported. In this talk, I will present research on interactivity and realism that shows how investing some extraneous load can have considerable benefits. Accepting a limited degree of extraneous load is helpful if the learning task builds on the mental processes triggered by that cognitive load. For instance, a realistic visualization may be useful for learners if a test requires knowledge of details, but otherwise causes unnecessary cognitive load. Based on these studies, I present the approach of cognitive load alignment.

Skulmowski, A., & Xu, K. M. (2021). Understanding cognitive load in digital and online learning: A new perspective on extraneous cognitive load. Educational Psychology Review.