(Virtual) 2nd International Meeting on Geometric Group Theory and Low Dimensional Topology

December 17 and 18, 2020
Organizers: Stephan Rosebrock and Jens Harlander


The meeting focusses on homotopy theory in low dimensions and combinatorial and geometric group theory. The first meeting took place in February, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then there is a strong collaboration between working groups in Argentina, Germany, the UK, and USA, which is continued by this meeting.

If you wish to participate in the meeting and listen to the talks, please let us know by email and provide your name, affiliation and email address.

The meeting will work via webex. You will receive a link to log in two days in advance. No software installation will be necessary. We also provide a "Homotopy Cafe", where we can meet apart from the talks. You will receive a link of this also.


Jens Harlander, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, USA

Stephan Rosebrock, Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany


Invited Talks

Jonathan Barmak          Generalized Euclidean rings and the Andrews-Curtis conjecture

Martin Blufstein              A generalized metric small cancellation condition and Artin groups

Bill Bogley  and Kirk McDermott
                                              Cyclic spines and Brieskorn 3-manifolds

Jens Harlander               LOTs of Coxeter type

Wolfgang Metzler           On the general Andrews-Curtis Conjecture

Gabriel Minian                 Relative I-test, asphericity and equations over groups

Stephan Rosebrock       Combinatorial Relative Asphericity

Iván Sadofschi Costa     Actions of $A_5$ on contractible 2-complexes

Gerald Williams  and Ihechukwu Chinyere
                                               Hyperbolicity of cyclically presented groups



Abstracts of the Talks and Schedule

The abstracts of the talks may be downloaded here.

The timeschedule may be downloaded here

Slides of the talks


Material concerning the talks


Jonathan Barmak
Rudolf Beyl
Martin Blufstein
Bill Bogley
Eugenio Borghini
Ihechukwu Chinyere
Ximena Fernández
Cameron Gordon
Jens Harlander
Cynthia Hog-Angeloni
Simon King
Martin Lustig
Kirk McDermott
Wolfgang Metzler
Gabriel Minian
John Nicholson
Kevin Piterman
Stephan Rosebrock
Iván Sadofschi Costa
Gerald Williams

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