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Forschungsgebiete und Interessen

Research Interests

  • Comtemporising Primary English Language Teaching 
    • Promoting and valuing diversity 
    • Multilingualism
    • Digitalisation
    • Game-Based Approaches
    • Drama-Based Approaches
  • The implementation of the RFCDC and its portfolio in teacher training and primary education
  • Virtual Exchange
  • Informal Second Language Learning of primary school children and its potential for CLIL
  • The professionalisation of the performance of the English teacher persona
  • Self-Experiments as a means of fostering ICC and competences for democratic culture.
  • The linguistic dimension of Intercultural Communicative Competence
  • Translation as a form of intercultural communication in foreign language pedagogy
  • Translation Studies 
  • English as an International Language and its pedagogy
  • Drama methods in foreign language pedagogy
  • Task-Based Language Learning in English teacher education


Aktuelle Beiträge

Upcoming talks:

  • 7.-9.9 '22: Beecroft, R., Beecroft R. Breaking out of the Cultural Comfort Zone: Self-Experiments with Alterity. IALIC 2022. Instituto de Educacao, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 7.-9.9 '22: Beecroft, R., Abe, M. An International Comparative and Collaborative Study to Develop Primary Students' CDC in EFL: Focusing on Curriculum Design and Implementation. IALIC 2022. Instituto de Educacao, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.

Recent talks:

  • 25.7. '22: Beecroft, R. Virtueller Austausch: Potenziale für die Internationalisierung. 8. Runder Tisch Internationales. Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • 18.6. '22: Beecroft, R. Promoting 'Savoir Agir' through Improvisational Tasks. Drama in Education Days 2022. Hochschule Kempten, Germany.
  • 23.4. '22: Beecroft, R., Bauer, P. The Fostering of ICC through Telecollaboration. UK Lingua 2022. Durham University, UK.
  • 22.4. '22: Beecroft, R., Abe, M. Report on the Initial Stage of an International Comparative and Collaborative Study to Develop Primary Students' CDC in EFL: Focusing on Curriculum Design and Implementation. Cultnet Meeting 2022 - Cultnet Intercultural for Researchers and Experts. Durham University, UK.
  • 10.3. ´22: Beecroft, R., Abe, M. Employing the AIE and RFCDC to engender reflection, learning and assessment processes: The case of a virtual exchange between pre-service English teachers in Japan and Germany. CANDIICE International Conference: Creative Approaches to Democracy Education. Zoom/Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 13.02.´22: Beecroft, R. Invited presenter of MACFEST (Muslim Arts and Culture Festival) Youth Festival "Children's Books: Everyday Heroes" Panel hosted by award-winning Canadian author Rukhsana Khan. Zoom/Manchester, UK.
  • 21.02. ´22: Beecroft, R. Invited speaker as a member of the "Stadtgespräche: In welcher Sprache träumst Du?" panel talk on interculturality and multilingualism. Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.
  • 12. 02. ´22: Beecroft, R., Capek, M.: Museum Pedagogy as an Entryway into Decolonising Content and Language Integrated Learning at the Elementary School Level: A Dialogue between Student-Practitioner and Researcher. SOWLE Symposium “Promoting Equity and Leadership in the Language Classroom”. Zoom/Monterey, California.
  • 4. 12.´21: Beecroft, R. Virtual Exchange during the Pandemic and Beyond:
    The Potential of a Telecollaborative Translation Course for Fostering Contemporary Competences. Making Virtual Exchange Mainstream. The 4th Biennial Asia-Pacific Virtual Exchange Association (APVEA) Conference: Zoom, Brisbane, Australia.
  • 27.11. ´21: Beecroft, R., Abe, M. Collaborative Exchange of pre-service Teachers of English in Japan and Germany: Analysis by AIE and RFCDC. 36th SIETAR Japan Conference. Zoom/Japan.
  • 24. 11. '21: Beecroft, R. A Telecollaborative Translation Course
    as a Means of Fostering Intercultural Communicative Competence and Symbolic Competence in Higher Education Modern Language Programmes.
    Language, Culture and Interculturality. Global Debates, Local Challenges. 21st IALIC Conference. Zoom/Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Kolumbien.
  • 15. 10.´21: Beecroft, R., Bauer, P. Combining Telecollaboration and Translation as a Means of Fostering Affective and Linguistic Components of Intercultural Communicative Competence in German and English Students: Insights from the TraDuKa course (Germany-UK).  University Telecollaboration in Language Classes: Teaching Practices, Language Challenges and Cultural Horizons. Zoom/Université de Paris, France, State University of Moldova, Moldova.
  • 17. 09. 21: Beecroft, R. Telecollaborative Translation Courses as a Means of Fostering Intercultural Communicative Competence in Higher Education Modern Language Programmes (A proposal for a virtual exchange project between prospective English teachers from Karlsruhe University of Education (Germany) and students of German at Irish universities). Poster Presentation, Virtual Exchange in Higher Education. Charting the Irish Experience. Microsoft Teams/University of Limerick/University College Cork.
  • 10. 09. 21: Beecroft, R. Towards Mainstreaming the Implementation of Drama Methods in the Foreign Language Classroom: Situating Drama Activities within a Task Framework. Drama in Education Days 2021. Zoom/Hochschule Kempten, Germany.
  • 2. 7. 21: Beecroft, R. and Bauer, P. Fostering Intercultural Communicative Competence in Higher Education Modern Language Programmes: The Potential of Telecollaborative Translation Courses. Intercultural Competence and Foreign Language Learning in Higher Education. Zoom/University of Exeter, UK.
  • 19. 6. 21: Beecroft, R. Professionalising the Performance of the Primary English Teacher Persona. Insights from Online Teaching Practice.  Sore Back, Square Eyes? Going Performative in Digital Teaching and Learning Spaces. 8th Scenario Forum Symposium: Zoom/ University College Cork, Ireland.
  • 11. 6. 21: Beecroft, R. The Performativity of the Intercultural Speaker. Improvisational Tasks in the Lower Secondary Classroom: Insights from a Longitudinal, Mixed-Methods Action-Research Study. Fostering and Assessing Oracy in Foreign Language Education. Perspectives from Practice-Oriented and Design-Based Research. Digital Symposium: Zoom/University of Münster, Germany.
  • 7. 6. 21: Beecroft, R. The Performativity of the Intercultural Speaker: Embodying Intercultural Communicative Competence Through Improvisational Theatre. The Body, Embodiment and Bodyfulness in Intercultural Communications. Zoom/Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany.
  • 22. 4. 21: Beecroft, R., Bauer, P. Beyond the Binary: The Potential of Translational Tasks in Virtual Exchange for Promoting ICC in Modern Language Teacher Education.Cultnet Meeting 2021 - Cultnet Intercultural for Researchers and Experts. Zoom/Durham University, UK.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Upcoming Publications:


Spring 2023: Beecroft, R., Bauer, P. Potenziale der Binarität: Telekollaboration und Translation (working title). Berlin: Frank und Timme.



Beecroft, R. (2022) The Performativity of the Intercultural Speaker: Promoting Savoir Agir through Improvisational Tasks. Kolloquium Fremdsprachenunterricht. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Book chapters:

Beecroft, R., Bauer, P. (2022) Virtual Exchange during the Pandemic and Beyond: The Potential of a Telecollaborative Translation Course for Fostering Competences Required of Future Language Teachers. In: Giannikas, C. [Ed.]. Transferring Language Teaching and Learning and Teaching from Face-to-Face to Online Settings. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.

Beecroft, R. (2015), Mündlichkeit durch Improvisationstheater im Fremdsprachenunterricht: Eine Aktionsforschungstudie zum Empowerment von Lehrkräften. In: S. Méron-Minuth/S. Özkul (Hrsg.). Fremde Sprachen lehren und lernen. Aktuelle Fragen und Forschungsaufgaben. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Edition.

Beecroft, R. (2014): Improvisational Theatre in the EFL Classroom: Teacher-Researcher Collaboration as In-Service Teacher Training. In: von Carlsburg, G-B. & Vogel, T. (Hrsg.). Bildungswissenschaften und akademisches Selbstverständnis in einer globalisierten Welt. Baltische Studien zur Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaft. Band 28. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag.

Beecroft, R. (2013). From ‘Intercultural Speaker’ to ‘Intercultural Writer’: Towards a new understanding of translation in foreign language teaching. In: Tsagari, D. & Floros, G. (Hrsg.). Translation in Language Teaching and Assessment. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Journal Articles:

Vogt, K., Beecroft, R. (2014), Englisch lernen durch Improvisationstheater: Mündliche Sprachleistungen im Fremdsprachenunterricht – ein neuer Ansatz. In: Daktylos: Bildungswissenschaftliches Magazin der Pädagogischen Hochschule Heidelberg (19/2014), 30-31.

Practical Transfer

Beecroft, R., Capek, M. (2022). Initiating Intercultural Communicative Competence Through Digital Media: Das Cultures Connect International Pen Pal Project. In: Grundschule Englisch (79/2022). Seelze: Friedrich Verlag, 26-29.

Beecroft, R. (2015), 100 Ways to Say “I'm sorry”: Mit Improvisationsaufgaben pragmatic competence fördern. In: Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch (138/2015). Seelze: Friedrich Verlag, 12-17.

Meine Kurzvita


Since November 2014: Akademische Mitarbeiterin in English Language Pedagogy at Karlsruhe University of Education.

2012 - 2014:  Akademische Mitarbeiterin in English Language Pedagogy at Heidelberg University of Education as part of the "Initiating, Eliciting and Assessing Oral Production" research project. 

02.2012 - 09.2012: Maternity Leave.

12.2010 - 08.2010: Maternity Leave.

2009 - 2012: Lektorin and Akademische Mitarbeiterin in English Language Pedagogy at Karlsruhe University of Education.


2012-2020 PhD Thesis
The Performativity of the Intercultural Speaker: Mainstreaming Improvisational Tasks as an Action-Oriented Framework  for the Lower Secondary English Classroom. A Longitudinal, Mixed-Methods Action-Research Study. First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Karin Vogt, Second supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller-Hartmann, Heidelberg University of Education: magna cum laude (1.5)

2006 – 2008  M.A. Sprache, Kultur, Translation (Language, Culture and Translation)
Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz in Germersheim, Final grade: Sehr gut (Distinction).

2000-2004 B.A. Joint Honours German and Spanish 

University of Leeds/UK, Final grade: First with Distinction in Spoken German, Spoken Spanish. Semester abroad at Leipzig University, year abroad as a language assistant in Murcia, Spain.

1988-2000 St Christopher School
Letchworth, UK. 4 A-Levels in German, Spanish, French and English, all grade A.

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