Dr. Nico Hillah, PhD

Institut für Informatik und digitale Bildung
Forschungsgebiete und Interessen

research areas

  • e-learning systems
  • Digital learning and training
  • digital transformation
  • computer systems

Taught Courses

  • Data modeling and design of relational databases
Ausgewählte Publikationen
  • ​​​​​Standl, B., Hillah, N., & Schlomske-Bodenstein, N. (2023). Identifying Teaching Patterns in Pre-service Informatics Teacher Education. Informatics in Schools. A step beyond digital education. 15th International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution, and Perspectives (ISSEP 2022) , Vienna, Austria. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7543504
  • Hillah, Nico. "Classification of Software Defects Triggers: A Case Study of School Resource Management Systems." Information Technology and Systems: Proceedings of ICITS 2019 . Springer International Publishing, 2019.
  • Hillah, Nico, and Thibault Estier. "The Application of Change Indicators in Mining Software Repositories." Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies: Volume 2 6 . Springer International Publishing, 2018.
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